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Many current medical interventions and their resulting outcomes for patients not only exhibit extreme variation internationally, but can also show extreme local variation. BMJ believes in the increasing patient-centredness of healthcare quality measures as well as the need to improve the standardisation and sharing of the best of those.

As an extension of its work supporting quality improvement in healthcare services, BMJ is working, together with partners from across the healthcare industry, to improve its capabilities in measuring the outcomes of medical interventions. On this site you can find the early output of those partnerships:

  • Reports on the implementation of outcome measures
  • A collection of articles by leading thinkers in this field
  • An Outcomes 101 course of eLearning modules
  • A round-up of our Outcome Summit 2016, which took place before this year’s IFQSH in Gothenburg
This early work was made possible by the support of our founding partners, CZ and the Zorginstituut.

To get involved in BMJ Outcomes,
please contact:

Dr Ashley McKimm
amckimm@bmj.com or outcomes@bmj.com

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