11 April 2016 | Swedish Exhibition and Congress center




Welcome and introduction to BMJ Outcomes (introduce sponsors) Introductions and Ice Breaker Activity


Marc Berg
Evolving outcomes in healthcare: A Quick History from claims, to process, system, provider, and finally patient-oriented outcomes


Breakout groups:
Challenges in patient engagement and ensuring we are measuring what matters – 15 min
Report back to group – 15 min




Dr Carolyn Simpkins
Presentation of Outcome implementation reports; Q&A (15 min)

Introducing project to develop SQUIRE-type framework for outcome implementation reporting

Breakout group:

Work on creating one patient-centred outcomes implementation report using the supplied template (20 min)

Trade with another group. Test and identify missing or unclear elements and develop recommendations on what should be added/subtracted/enhanced to make it actionable for implementation elsewhere (30 min)

Repeat with another report, identify common and unique elements needing adjustment (30 min)

Report back and discuss (30 min)




Dr Anant Jani
Re-designing health systems around patients and their desired outcomes
Global lessons from the Value Based Healthcare Programme, University of Oxford, in defining and implementing outcomes, measuring both what we can and what we should.




Breakout groups: Identify your key concerns in localizing outcome measures
Moderated by Dr Carolyn Simpkins

  • Analyze stakeholders in your context
  • Describe engagement strategies
  • Strategic priorities for each stakeholder group
  • Pair up with a partner and identify the key differences between your contexts that would require adaptation of measures

(30 min)

Report back to group, roundtable discussion on localization framework (15 min)


Conversation Dr Eugene Nelson
Value Compass Thinking: Measuring value from the perspective of the individual and a population. How do individuals judge the goodness of care? How do we define value as it evolves over a lifetime?

Followed by Q&A


Final discussion
Moderated by Dr Carolyn Simpkins

  • How can we create a global community to accelerate patient-centered outcome measurement in healthcare?
  • Whom should we engage who isn’t in the room today?
  • What can the online platform offer to better facilitate this? (SQUIRE for outcomes)
  • Should we have future face-to-face events and what would they look like?


Adjourn to drinks reception

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